Walkways & Patios

Stone walkway
A slate walkway makes for a grand entrance

Patio made from brickpavers
Patio made from brickpavers and edged with stones

If you're looking to breath new life into your landscaping, a decorative walkway or a beautiful patio may be just what the doctor ordered.

A winding path of brickpavers, sandstone or slate to your front door or through a garden can make for a grand entrance. Brickpavers - which come in a variety of styles, shapes, colors and sizes - also make beautiful edging material for flowers gardens and as planters along the front of your house.

And how about a patio? What better spot to gather or simply relax on a warm summer day then on a patio constructed from stone or brickpavers? It's a great place to take a mid-day nap, read a book, relax with friends or family, or barbeque, and a lot easier to maintain than a wood deck. Aeroscape Landscaping can design and install a patio to suit your budget and family needs.

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