Commercial landscaping design, construction & maintenance

Flower bed designed and installed by AeroscapeIn addition to residential landscaping, Aeroscape Landscaping Inc. offers a full line of commercial services, ranging from complete landscaping design to installation of mulch, planters and flower gardens. We offer renovation and restoration of existing landscaping, as well as ongoing maintenance. Among the many commercial jobs Aeroscape Landscaping has completed, is the flower garden shown in the accompanying photograph. The garden, located in front of a Howell bank, received a Best of Show award in a landscaping contest.

Many companies are hesitant to spend money on landscaping because they see it as an unnecessary expense that doesn't add to the bottom line. But how a business looks on the outside can make a statement about how that business is run on the inside. An attractive, well-maintained landscape sends a positive message to customers as they enter a business: Here's a company that's well-run, efficient and good at what it does. Overgrown, unattractive landscaping can send the opposite message. It's a value that's difficult to quantify in terms of dollars spent, but one that can have a real impact on the growth of your business.

What kind of statement does your landscaping make?

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